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Christmas gifts from just £13.99

Wrap up Christmas with a gift they will receive month after month - double win! 


Cyclist Christmas

Cyclist is the magazine dedicated to the thrill of road cycling; packed with the world’s best rides, must-have bikes and latest gear, helping them get the most from their ride every time.

6 months: £28.99

(save 19% on the shop price)

12 months: £56.99 

(save 21% on the shop price)


Viz Christmas

Viz is Britain's 3rd (possibly 4th) funniest magazine with regular features including Roger's Profanisauras, Letterbocks and Viz Top Tips.

6 months: £13.99

(save 20% on the shop price)

12 months: £27.99 

(save 20% on the shop price)

Men's Fitness

Men's Fitness Christmas

Help them build muscle, get lean and look great with Men's Fitness - the ultimate guide to getting fit.

6 months: £17.99

(save 29% on the shop price)

12 months: £36.99 

(save 27% on the shop price)


Bikesetc Christmas

BikesEtc is the ultimate monthly cycling handbook with inspiring ideas that will have them leaping from their sofa and into the saddle.

6 months: £23.99

(save 24% on the shop price)

12 months: £46.99 

(save 25% on the shop price)


CrossStitcher Christmas

CrossStitcher is Britain's number one cross stitch magazine, and it's packed with beautiful designs for them to stitch and stylish ideas to inspire them.

6 months: £21.39

(save 29% on the shop price)

12 months: £45.49 

(save 30% on the shop price)

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness Christmas

Help get them active with Health & Fitness - a personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach.

6 months: £16.99

(save 29% on the shop price)

12 months: £32.99 

(save 31% on the shop price)

How it Works

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Choose your gift

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Show you care

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What will they get?

Each month they will enjoy content from their favourite lifestyle magazine delivered directly to their door.


Where does it get sent?

Gift subscriptions will be shipped directly to the lucky recipient.

Don’t worry – we won’t let them know it’s coming. (We’d hate to ruin the surprise!)


When will it be delivered?

Our Christmas subscriptions start with the first issue in January.


How long will a Christmas subscription last? 

There are 6 or 12 months subscriptions available depending on the gift you select.