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Rising inflation has the potential to derail global bond markets. That has major implications for your portfolio, which will unfold over the coming months and years. But what if you want to bet directly on bond markets falling? How can you do it – and what do you need to be aware of if you do?

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Brexit report

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Share Tips

Share Tips

Investing in a booming industry can be a risky business – only a lucky few will strike gold and produce the hot products of the future. There’s a much safer way to bet on fast-growing sectors, says Dr Mike Tubbs.

House Prices Video

House prices

In 2015, then-chancellor George Osborne popped the buy-to-let bubble. By 2017, the UK housing market - and London in particular - was starting to run out of steam...

Watch this free video on the UK housing market here.

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In just a few minutes' enjoyable reading each morning, John Stepek (our executive editor) and regular guest contributors explain to you:

• What's been going on in the markets
• How the day's economic and political developments will affect your wealth
• The latest investment opportunities, and how you can profit

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Exclusive beginner’s guide to investing in gold

Beginners guide to investing in gold

Gold can be a very useful way to diversify your portfolio. It’s relatively rare, and its value often doesn’t move in line with other assets such as equities or property.

At MoneyWeek, we’ve said that gold provides insurance for your portfolio. Most people should probably allocate around 5%-15% of their portfolios to gold or gold-related investments. So the follow-up question is: how should you invest in gold? Read how in this free article.